王孝憲 特聘教授

  • 學歷
    1.Rutgers University, Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering;Professor(1981-Professor) ;
    Associate Professor(1975);Assistant Professor(1971).

    2.Yuan Ze University , Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Distinguished Professor (2006-present)
    3.Yuan Ze University , Chemical Engineering and Materials Science., Visiting Professor
    4.Invited Lectureship (國科會特約講座) by National Ressarch Council , Taiwan (1991). Gave lectures at National Taiwan University and National Chung Hsing University.

    ChinaTien Jian Institute of Light Industries, Food Engineering Department , Invited by Ministry of Light Industries, One month, Fall of 1986.
    5.East China Institute of Chemical Technology , ( Currently East China Institute of Science and Engineering ) Biochenical Engineering Department. Visiting Professor , Invited by Ministry of Education , Peoples Republic of China. One Semester Fall of 1981.

    6.VTT (Finnish National Research Lab.) , Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Visiting Professor, one month . (1994).
    7.Warsaw University , Poland , One Week. Biotechnology lecture tour , Invited by the university and the ministry of agriculture, Poland. (1994)
    8.University of Helsinki Dept. of Food Science , Finland . (Nov. 1993)
    9.Cambridge University , England, One week 1993); Department of chemical Engineering, Host Peter Frier Lecture and Research on Food Processes. Department of Physics , Host Dr. Athenea Donald: Reearch on Soft Matters.
    1. Immolitized Enzymes
    2. Microbial Fermentation
    3. Animal Cell Culture
    4. Bio-Reactor
    5. Bio-Process Design
    6. Extrusion Process Kinetics
    1. Biochemical Engineering, Food Process Engineering, Biotechnology
    2. Teaching and Research and Invited International Activities
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